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What to know about buying an assignment

In the search for a condo purchase in Toronto, hunters might come across what's known as a "condo assignment" sale.

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4 ways to take the risk out of buying pre-construction

Today we’ll go over some of the steps to take which mitigate the risks involved with buying pre-construction.

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Am I protected if a building project is cancelled?

What if, after you’ve started paying the developer for your reserved unit, the project gets cancelled? What if the developer completely abandons ship?

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Pre-con buildings are growing in Toronto's suburbs

Toronto has gained and sustained a reputation of constant vertical building and growth in the downtown core, but what about the suburbs?

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What to know about selling an assignment

To understand what an assignment is, you need to first understand the phases of the pre-construction condo. We explain it all here.

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How to find tenants for your rental property

As you wait for the project to near completion, you’re going to start thinking about getting a tenant inside at the first available opportunity.

How to choose a condo that fits your lifestyle

The difference between a good condo investment and a perfect condo investment could come right down to the amenities for some.

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5 things to know when using a pre-con as an investment

If you’ve always wanted to get into the real estate game, a new pre-construction condo might look like a pretty alluring investment.

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Who pays condo fees: landlord or tenant?

Condominiums are becoming an increasingly popular housing option for Toronto residents looking to own a property in an expensive market.