How to choose a condo that fits your lifestyle

October 26th, 2018 - by UrbanCondo Team

The difference between a good condo investment and a perfect condo investment could come right down to the amenities for some. For others, the location of the building and its access to work and leisure activities could come in as a top priority instead.

Regardless of your individual needs, your condo must align with your lifestyle in ways that contribute to an improved quality of life. 

In this post, we’ll look at a handful of character types and recommend amenities based on their assumed lifestyles. Since everyone’s different, you may have your own criteria that will make your condo experience just right.

The urban professional

Urban professionals working and running around the city will want to have quick access to all the things that make their lives better and easier.

Since working from home is becoming a common theme in the workplace, remote workers might want to have access to a communal and quiet office space or library in their condo.

When you’re able to leave your unit and travel to another area, it’s almost like you’re going to the office. Separating homelife and worklife is great for clearing your head. Nothing's worse than feeling like you’re always at work whenever you’re at home.

Apart from some work space, young urbanites will want a condo location close to all the action. Downtown restaurant, nightlife and transit options should be high on the list of the urban professional, along with some gym access so they don’t have to leave the building to put those reps in.

Some buildings are also including yoga and dance studios where organized classes can take place, doubling as a sort of social mixing space that can help you get acquainted with your neighbours.

The dog person

We get it, you love your dog. And nothing’s worse than going to work all day knowing your little guy or girl is stuck on the 22nd floor of a glass tower. According to city planning staff, there are three to five dogs per floor in Toronto condos.

Getting up early in the morning to take your dog for a big stretch could be made so much easier if your condo had its own dog run, couldn’t it?

Look for condo buildings with dedicated dog amenities like on-site pet areas, dog washes and dog runs. New designs are doing their best to keep the pups happy by making builds more pet-friendly and promising pet spas and dog runs, just do a bit of research on the pre-cons breaking ground!

If anything, pick a condo close to abundant greenspaces. Places near Toronto’s Waterfront or Humber Trail are great options.

The parent

For many couples living together, first comes marriage and then potentially a baby carriage!

Because affordable single-family homes in Toronto are somewhat a rarity in and around downtown Toronto, more parents are opting to stick it out in their condo unit, or simply upgrade to one with a bit more floor space.

Parents are likely looking for amenities that help kids soak up the tried and true childhood experience. Playgrounds, playrooms, swimming pools and rooftop spaces let kids stretch their legs and have fun with all the other youngsters in the building.

Homework rooms, separate from adult office rooms, could also come in handy for tutoring sessions and much-needed study time.

The host

If you self-identify as a mega-host, you're probably the person or family that is always entertaining come holiday, birthday or any celebration time.

Entry-level condos aren’t necessarily famous for their huge, chef-standard kitchens, though they can be remodelled to accommodate all the fanciest appliances.

Perpetual entertainers will want to have access to party rooms or shared rooftop terraces, most having communal barbeques and bar areas to host all the parties you can dream up.

Further, visitor parking should be accessible to any number of guests arriving to the building.