6 benefits of choosing a higher floor

February 7th, 2019 - by Admin

condo view

What are some of the greatest things about living on a higher floor?

Even if you don’t get that dreamy penthouse suite, dwellers up top can benefit from many of the same things as the millionaire-bachelor in the penthouse, except, maybe, the 360-degree terrace.

Today, we’ll go over some of the benefits that come through living higher than you’ve ever been.

Big cities that are short on lot sizes are deciding to build up – making vertical living more of a norm than ever before.

Height is trending, and thanks to a hot housing market that is seeing affordable low-rise single-family homes becoming a rarity, odds are you’ll be looking up, if you have to.


The benefits and risks of high-rise living are continuing to interest researchers around the world, in their own verticalizing cities.

Though there are some suspicions about high-rise living and our health (which we mention at the end of this article), one European medical journal found that “mortality from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases declined considerably the higher one’s floor of residence”.

Residents higher up generally will be breathing in cleaner air, especially if you have access to a balcony.

The view

This one is an obvious one, as any host on a high level will show guests the view sometimes before shoes are removed.

There are a variety of views that are considered coveted by condo owners. Whether it’s a downtown view of glittering night lights, a lakefront view with a vast expanse of water to ponder into, a natural valley view lush with greenspace, or a simple sunset-facing balcony that gets gorgeous in the summer. Everyone will have their own preferences.

One thing that remains for people on higher levels is that view, baby!

Return on investment

Since higher levels are more desirable in many cases, you’ll be able to rent your unit out if you’re an investor, or see more unit appreciation at resale time than someone with an obstructed or more “street-level” view.

Some cultures value the lower or ground floors over the higher ones, but in a multicultural city like Toronto or Vancouver, height still sells, especially with that view, baby!

More privacy

If your building manages to be taller than the others on your street, you’ll have fewer privacy concerns on a higher building. Glass cities mean that sometimes, lower-level units will face directly into another lower-level unit across the street, or across the property complex.

Walking from the shower or making some breakfast in your underwear could give you a feeling of being watched. Higher floors with unobstructed views mitigate this risk for anyone shy.

Less noise

Higher floors are often quieter than lower floors, especially the ground level where hallways are used by most residents.

If you’re close to a busy street with frequent buses, trains or honking, picking a higher floor could be an option that privileges peace and tranquility.

More security

People with units on the lower floors and those with street access are more vulnerable to crime and break-ins statistically. Much will depend on your neighbourhood, its risks and the security of the building. Generally, however, higher floors are considered safer when considering break and enters.

Your property insurance, for example, will be more expensive the lower your unit.

Faults of higher floors

We couldn't wrap this article without citing some of the complaints associated with higher-level living.

Many with mobility issues or accessibility needs will call a higher level inaccessible. You, your guests and any first responders will have to take longer to reach your floor via elevator.

Others believe that higher floors are more depressing, isolating high-rise dwellers from the grounding ground floor.

Since hot air rises, you'll need to use your A/C more in the summer, leading to higher energy bills. The opposite will also be true during the winter though -- you won't need as much heating! Natural light streaming through your windows could get magnified indoors, heating up your unit just the same.

All things considered, what could compromise that view, baby!?