5 ways new condos are bringing the nature to you

August 31st, 2018 - by UrbanCondo Team

greenspace in middle of condo development

Being interested in condo living doesn’t mean owners have to compromise on their natural surroundings.

With the present surge in pre-construction condos, master-planned neighbourhoods aim to combine community and convenience whether you’re a member of the surrounding public or a new condo owner investing in a project.

Builders and city planners are not ignorant to the needed preservation, protection and creation of greenspaces whenever big construction companies come in to level ground. Proper infrastructure is essential for boosting and sustaining quality of life in our growing city.

Municipal governments are even mandating new developers plan parks and greenspaces to make up for the change in the community’s landscape.

In this post, we’re going to look at a few ways new GTA condo developments are bringing nature to condo owners and their neighbours, ensuring strong relationships are built based on mutual respect, community needs and land acknowledgement.

Tridel Metrogate

Developers at Metrogate know that it’s appealing to be surrounded by trees, grass, flowers and scenery beyond the traditional glass views that come stock in most condo communities.

This condo near Kennedy and Highway 401 in Scarborough, built parks and greenspaces to characterize the new neighbourhood and define its development, showcasing sustainability and public art atop a former industrial space.

Instead of a trucking depot, Metrogate now boasts two acres of public park on its seventeen-acre site of mixed-use towers, townhomes, retail spaces and community hubs.

The park at the community’s centre consists of winding walking or running trails, playgrounds for kids, sitting benches, and newly planted trees while the residences house green roofs, outdoor lounges and dining areas.

Tridel Avonshire Park

Another offering from Tridel is their Avonshire Park, located near Yonge Street and the 401in North York.

Developers prioritized growing families and community spaces here, building a children’s playground and splash pad, open lawn areas, clusters of garden villas and tree-lined promenades sure to grow with the community.

If you’re interested in Tridel Developments, check out Tridel’s new Aqualuna project on Toronto’s lakefront.

Remington Group’s Park Towers at IQ

On the Queensway in Etobicoke, Remington Group’s Park Towers created another environmentally conscious community catering to the real needs of Torontonians.

Their Zorra Park is a two-acre parksite designed to be both an aesthetically beautiful and fully functional. Zorra Park gives condo and community residents opportunities to gather for programmable activities, catch a breath of fresh air, and stay active.

The Park Towers come complete with a lawn amphitheatre, covered walkways, flowering trees, splash and play zones for all the kids, organic zones and wooden boardwalks fit for a stroll.

Builders are now embracing their roles in community planning, and Remington Group says they gave special thought to the park’s seasonality, colour and texture.

Vanguard Condos

This new community by Devron-Developments is located in Thornhill within the Yonge Street Corridor. It focusses on offering three to four-bedroom units along with children’s play areas to support and attract growing families.

Vanguard’s sustainable design and environmental focus is clear and should act as a blueprint for other developers considering eco-consciousness.

Amenities at Vanguard include: a half-acre park (to be donated to the city), a living wall in the lobby, a rainwater car wash, e-charging stations, treadmills that return electricity to the grid, filtered water in all units, and a third-floor 7,000 sq.ft. terrace with community veggie gardens, sanctuary spaces and way more.

Backyard Condos

As you can tell from the name, Backyard Condos in South Etobicoke wants residents to have expansive nature in their backyard – not a parking lot.

Because the development is so close to South Humber Park, the Humber Marshes and King’s Mill Park, residents enjoy green views complemented by the blue skies and waters of Lake Ontario.

The amenities invite residents to reflect in bliss and serenity, then explore the natural features around them.

Choose wisely

The slogan for Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation is “A City Within a Park.” This saying is written on every park sign found within our great neighbourhoods and we take this slogan to heart. Greenspaces are here for us in the short summer months and provide a comfortable place to play or relax, accessible to all.

Access to greenspace helps everyone in Toronto balance the stressors of city life, and it’s something urbanites keep close tabs on as soon as buildings, walkways and old homes are torn down to make way for new ones

We always notice whenever our greenspace is removed, when our shade disappears, and when our dogs can’t find a place to run.

If you’re in the market for a pre-construction condo, consider a developer’s dedication to greenspace as a key selling point.

In Toronto’s first condo boom, developers, in their races to build, were called out for failing to deliver on greenspace or letting it languish on the backburner. Today, Torontonians and buyers are demanding new condos add to the city, not take away from it.