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looking through tax documents

How do property taxes work for pre-con buildings in Ontario?

Learn how the government taxes work on your new pre-construction purchase. 

confused man outside condo

Want to opt out of condo fees? Here’s what you need to know

What do condo fees pay for? How are they calculated? Can you opt out? 

movers bringing boxes into new home

What is an occupancy date?

When you’re waiting to move into your pre-construction condo, a few months can feel like year

man thinking hard

What to know about the cooling period when buying pre-con

Having second thoughts is part of being a human, especially if you’re clouded by a quick opportunity to purchase a pre-construction condo.

couple reviewing a floor plan

What to know about buying an assignment

In the search for a condo purchase in Toronto, hunters might come across what's known as a "condo assignment" sale.

building being constructed

4 ways to take the risk out of buying pre-construction

Today we’ll go over some of the steps to take which mitigate the risks involved with buying pre-construction.

surprised woman

Am I protected if a building project is cancelled?

What if, after you’ve started paying the developer for your reserved unit, the project gets cancelled? What if the developer completely abandons ship?

cranes in the sky

Pre-con buildings are growing in Toronto's suburbs

Toronto has gained and sustained a reputation of constant vertical building and growth in the downtown core, but what about the suburbs?